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Importer and Distributor of various medical devices

Over the years we have facilitated exclusive import and distribution agreements

with industry leading manufacturers and producers.


We are constantly in search of innovation within the aesthetic environment,

to ensure that we provide the most modern and technologically advanced products.

During the last few years, South Africa has evolved into one of the largest emerging markets

in the aesthetic and anti-ageing industry.

Beauty and medicine have always been a part of African history with the world’s oldest art object, a necklace, found in a South African cave, suggesting an infatuation with beauty in native populations. The multi-national setting of South Africa, is often described as a ‘rainbow nation’ enriched with ethnic backgrounds, cultural characteristics, social norms, lifestyles and a unique interpretation of beauty. These surroundings come together to form a unique aesthetic and anti-ageing industry. One that offers opportunity to physicians, in the refinement of what is pleasing to the eye.

Understanding expeditious changes in the local market, recent trends in aesthetics and the demand for a new patient profile in South Africa, is essential for the aesthetic physician.


For that reason, Tasosol serves as a facilitator of their artistic vision, by providing them with the latest international aesthetic innovations, directly from the manufacturer.

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